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parameters=hidden gems

Greg O'Reilly

Are any of you guys making use of "parameters" in AppInternals 10? If you are not, then you should - there are hidden gems!! Trust me.


This week, whilst sat next to some online portal experts that just added Appinternals instrumentation, I overheard a discussion about redeveloping google analytics javascript to provide more detailed explanations on why users/customers would abandon an order. They had an abandon page/url that already existed, but it lacked the reason WHY - frequency was not enough. They worked out it might be possible, potentially it can work, ummmmed and arrrrred for a while......planned a tick box for the customer to give a reason too, apparantly the logs files contained a reason already.


Being a very nosey individual like I am and whilst they were deciding who was going to perform the development and how long it might take etc - I started to dig as they fed me (indirectly) with all the information.


They said logs, so we'd capture the message anyway,  but I already knew that if the application was logging the stuff they wanted, they will be parsing some parameters with the same values(class.method.parametervalue)


searched for 'abandon'

I searched for "abandon" in AppInternals: found urls that contained the phrase abandon - Easy Peasy, found the transactions already being represented in GA and our own AppInternals.


Selected a single transaction: (this is more interesting, stay with me)


...selected the "call tree" and searched for 'parametervalue=' - which gave me exactly what I was looking for:




As you can see above, in a few clicks, discovered the parametervalue=browser window closed.

Now define a transaction:


Here is the transaction, which we can navigate too or place on a portal insight:



(I know there is a different name, but I changed it last minute when we discovered 3-4 other reasons)


Now your business people know why customers are not completing transactions/checking out without having to change a single thing!!