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In-path appliance to appliance port 7800 tagged with EF

Dan Kidd

As a result of recent packet captures I have discovered in-path appliance to appliance comms (Steelheads running Rios 8.6.2) being tagged with DSCP values @ src. I have seen DSCP46 / EF tagged traffic and a colleague advises they have found other dscp values tagged to port 7800 between SH's.


There is no QoS policy configured on either appliance and no marking capability configured on the down stream routers.


Is it common for SH's to mark traffic at source with no QoS policy configured? Is there a way to ensure in-path appliance to appliance comms is not marked with DSCP or to overwrite all SH-SH comms with dscp 0? I would rather do this on the Riverbed rather than rely on remarking downstream.