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Python script doesn't throw a syntax error while it does when run interactively.

Ross Tanner

Interactive python returns a syntax error when a "bad" command is sent, but running from a script returns nothing. What am I doing wrong?


I am using SteelScript and Python to run through a list of configuration commands. I have the mode set to  config, using "sh.cli.default_mode = CLIMode.CONFIG" as per the tutorial.  When I run the command with incorrect syntax interactively, (using "sh.cli.exec_command("dud command") ), I get an error; when I run it using a script, it "works' - I get no indication from the script that there is anything wrong.


Code is below ...


#! /usr/bin/env python

from steelscript.common.service import UserAuth

from steelscript.steelhead.core import steelhead

from steelscript.cmdline.cli import CLIMode

import steelscript.cmdline.exceptions

import steelscript

import getpass

def cyclethrough(file):

    with open(file) as f:

        for line in f:

            print "*****************************"

            print line

            output = sh.cli.exec_command(line)

            print output

user = "username"

password = "secret"

host = ""

auth = UserAuth(username=user, password=password )

sh = steelhead.SteelHead(host = host, auth = auth)


sh.cli.default_mode = CLIMode.CONFIG

with open("configcommands.txt") as f:

    for line in f:



       except steelscript.cmdline.exceptions.CLIError:

           print "Syntax Error")


sh.cli.default_mode = CLIMode.ENABLE