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What configurations are needed on LTE enodeb to ensure traffic from radio access network flows through an MPLS LSP in the core network?

Nikita Ajit

Hi all,


I have a question regarding the configuration of LTE to pass traffic through MPLS path.


My thesis is to simulate an end-to-end LTE network using standard models of Riverbed Modeler. The backhaul network is to be simulated as an MPLS network. So, the traffic coming from the LTE radio access network passes through the MPLS network to reach the core network. Currently, I have a simple setup as follows:


Server <-> EPC object <-> MPLS router 1 <-> MPLS router 2 <-> LTE enodeb object <-> LTE UE


Here, on configuring services like voice, email etc., traffic flows between server, and, LTE UE smoothly. Next, I create a Label Switched Path(LSP) that starts on MPLS router 1, and, ends on MPLS router 2. After this configuration too, traffic coming from the enodeb does not take the LSP, it passes through the ethernet connections itself. I want the traffic to pass through the MPLS path. I am not getting any error, traffic is flowing end-to-end, however, it is not taking the MPLS path. I have not done any QoS settings in the network.


Also, I do not get this problem when I replace the LTE enodeb with a normal workstation. Traffic passes through the MPLS path.


Can you please help me with what configurations must be done to ensure traffic coming from the enodeb passes through the MPLS path?


Any help, suggestions would be very useful


Thank you


Best Regards,