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Import STK orbit general failure

Gukyoung An



When I try  Topology > Import a single STK file or All STK files, it generally returns this:

Unable to convert STK file (C:\Users\guan\Documents\STK 11 (x64)\MANET_Article_Simulation\LEO_1.sa): general failure


I've looked at the "Modules > Wireless > Modeling Wireless Networks > Orbits" article, but didn't come to a solution. I've also tried a satellite node's Edit Attribute > Import STK Orbit, but that also just says "Failed to import STK orbit file".


I am using Modeler 17.5 PL6, and STK 11.2.0 which has Edit>Preferences>"Save/Load Pref" >"Save Vehicle Ephemeris" checked, and ..>"Binary Format" unchecked.


However, importing STK ephemeris files (*.e) works just fine.

Is it something wrong with the STK preferences, or the OPNET preferences, or the project's initial selection of Technologies, or is there an entire different explanation?


Thank you