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Query on SDNWAN with WAN-Opt

Hemant Krishnan

I am a newbie in understanding the various Riverbed product line. So apologies for possibly a very naive question.


  1. From what I read, looks for centralized mgmt. of SteelHead, we may want to get a SteelCentral Controller (SCC) separately as a separate device. And this would still give only traditional WAN-Opt. But for getting new age SDWAN abilities, we need to get SteelConnect Manager (SCM) which would still only manage the various LAN/WLAN/WAN devices (including SteelHead). But SCM by in itself does not aid in providing a WAN-Opt since it is more of a VPN Gateway with a centralized management capability. I hope I have been correct until now.
    1. But in Re: How to integrate SteelHead with SteelConnect? there is a mention that the new series of CX70 is a SteelHead which has the SCM abilities as well (i.e. a single device doing both SDWAN & WAN-Opt).
    2. Additionally there is the SteelHead SD. Would this be able to achieve SDWAN & WAN-Opt? i.e. Would we get an additional centralized SDWAN controller GUI like abilities (similar to SCM) or would only be an upgrade of SteelHead to add some SDWAN capabilities devoid of any other LAN/WLAN devices management capability.
  2. When designing a WAN-Opt with SDWAN solution (with or without both requirements out of a single appliance) what all devices should we consider (leaving out the LAN/WLAN infra of course). I understand this may need a slightly longer response. So not looking for a detailed one but at least towards the Riverbed technologies is good enough for me to get a hint.


Thanks anyone who could guide me.

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    Alan Mattson

    It is a bit confusing, but here is how I understand it. We currently have SteelConnect on SteelConnect Appliances, but we did look into the converged platform.


    1. You can purchase SteelConnect and SteelHead as both appliances and as virtual appliances that run on a CX model platform. Think of SteelConnect of SteelHead on the SDI and EX platforms as an OS running on bare metal and being single purpose. The CX Platform allows you to run both SteelConnect and SteelHead on the same hardware by running them as VMs.


    2. Today, the benefit of running the systems on a CX platform is mostly just that you get to use a single piece of hardware instead of 2 appliances.


    3. The SteelCentral Controller (SCC) is a management platform for SteelHead devices, that allows for upgrades / configuration and monitoring of your whole fleet of SteelHeads. This will manage SteelHead EX models and the SteelHead portion of the CX models.


    4. SteelConnect Manger (SCM) is a cloud portal that is included with the SteelConnect platform subscription. That is the configuration platform for the SteelConnect product.


    Today, as I understand it there is very little overlap on what the management platforms support, so even if you have a CX series, you'll manage the SteelHead functionality via the SCC, and the SteelConnect functionality via the SCM. I'd expect this will all get integrated at some point in the future.

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      Hemant Krishnan

      Thanks @AlanMattson. After about ~400 views got the first reply .


      I think I still have few questions (some from earlier & some from your post).


      1. Regarding SteelHead SD:
        1. Do the SteelHead SD has the abilities of being both WAN-Opt with SDWAN for all networking devices in the LAN or only a WAN-Opt with SDWAN specific to the SteelHead SD itself? (or simply can it SDWAN itself only or all the devices of their LAN as well)
        2. Is the SCM available with the SteelHead SD?
      2. When designing a WAN-Opt with SDWAN solution (with or without both requirements out of a single appliance) what all devices should we consider (leaving out the LAN/WLAN infra of course).
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      Romain Jourdan

      Hi Hemant,


      first of all, sorry for the late reply, I just saw your message.

      1- SteelHead-SD offer WAN optimization and SDWAN capabilities for all traffic that goes across the box.

      2- SteelHead-SD embeds:

      • WAN optimization with SteelHead that can be managed by SCC
      • SDWAN that is managed via SCM. SteelHead-SD comes with a SteelConnect license and access to SCM.


      I don't get the last question, can you help me better understand it?