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How to optimize public sites?

Bruno Gomes

Hello world!


I have a lot of ssl traffic on my Riverbed, so it is around 80% are not optimize. I want to optimize traffic for site as Facebook, whattsup etcc..


I checked on the internet and it look likes that I can make a workaround if I have a CA on my network and just use the certificate from Facebook, but Could someone tell how to do that?


Riverbed information:

CX755L / 8.6.1

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    David Hubbard

    You can add a new SSL certificate on the server side SteelHead for a particular host/domain externally, and then sign that with an internal CA


    But, be aware that if you do, the client browser would show the signed SSL cert internally, and not the cert of the external URL being accessed


    we do similar for CDN content intended for our enterprise, not social media