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SteelHead CX255:Optimization Service- Alerts-internal: chksum mismatch

Jerico Rey Lakandili

Hi All,


Recently we encountered the checksum mismatch error in our steelhead CX255


Dec  5 15:05:25 Hostname sport[7412]: [defunpacker.ERR] - {- -} (clnt: Branch side IP address:64445 serv: Head office IP address:61612 cfe: Branch side interface IP address:7801 sfe: Server side interface IP address:7800) chksum mismatch. chksum_nbo_=0x1df07e96 hash_nbo=0xbfee0751

We already tried the solution we found in the knowledge base several times, please see procedure below. the steelhead status will become healthy but after a couple of days, the status will turn to critical again.


Configure › Maintenance › Services
    Select Clear Data Store
    Click Restart


I want to know if anyone experience this issue and what is the permanent solution the SH CX255 is currently running in RIOS 9.5.0a