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Steelconnect Unlock code

Bruno Navarro

Hello Folks,


We are doing a POC in a custumer so we have two CX770 with SteelOS (Acceleration + SD).

when we try to insert this appliance to the Steelconnect Manager with the serial number or by cellphone we are asked to insert a "unlock code".


So i read in a blog that: Once an appliance is deployed into a certain realm, it can’t be taken out of that realm without an unlock code which is only available to the originating realm administrator.


Here is the problem! we dont have the contact to the guy that was join this equippment to the before realm...


My question is:  How can we get this unlock code? can we reset the equippment to the default configuration? (We cannot access the console because we dont have the password).


Ty guys!!!Screenshot_94.png