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Two different value from snmp polling - NetIM and Mib Browser



Anybody know why I get two different value from snmp polling?

Screen shots with example.



When I use mib browser I get for example value 12 and 10. In NetIM i got 0 and 0 for this two peers.

2017-12-18 11_52_54- - Podłączanie pulpitu zdalnego.png
2017-12-18 11_53_13-SteelCentral NetIM.png




User-Defined Metrics BGP4-MIB bgpPeerFsmEstablishedTransistions. Im need that to monitor BGP flapping.



I tested that on device group (around 40 devices) and the result are the same (always 0).


edit: Last screen with value from mib browser, third from NetIM.