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Panel Errors - Portal 1.5.2



there's anybody know, maybe there's exist some troubleshoot path to that case?  I tried restart both of them (portal and NetIM). When I create new panels with te same objects the result is the same as you see on screenshot "Timed out wating for a response".


Portal 1.5.2

NetIM 1.2.0


In the same LAN.


Firstly Portal wont show user-defince metrics, after few hours it's stop display anything, and now after next few hours it display some of basic metrics and some of user-define. In NetIM I can display all of them so snmp connection between NetIM and devices are correct. Server status, poller status, RAM are CPU are fine.


  My mind doesnt understand that behavior of this system, panles with objects from NetProfiler display correctly. Any ideas?

Greg O'Reilly You always have a some ideas, please look on it. Thanks.

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    Greg O'Reilly

    Good day! tricky one.


    Its worth checking the logs for portal datasources here:



    Have you tried opening up the console for NETIM on the Portal server?



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      I found something like that:



      2017-12-08 15:24:51,554 [pool-2-thread-4] ERROR NetIM_10_1_96_204_9347 - Dropped message from wds because connection to data source is not up

      2017-12-08 15:35:57,881 [plain-dcl-wds-NetIM_10_1_96_204_9347-3409] WARN NetIM_10_1_96_204_9347 - Attempted to send an empty envelope to the data source





      On host with Portal I able to open NetIM panel.