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New SteelCentral AppResponse v11.3 focuses on customer requests

Heidi Gabrielson

SteelCentral AppResponse v11.3 is the fifth release in 11 months. Up until this point, the focus has been on feature content, so this release we decided we needed to step back and take a serious look at your customer requests and bug fixes. That’s not to say this release isn’t jam-packed with new features, because it is…Some of the more notable features include:


  • Extending support for the 40GbE NIC to the AppResponse 6170 model
  • Avaya SPB (MAC-in-MAC) support
  • Porting the Financial Market Data and Multicast Gap Analysis over from NetShark
  • Phase 1 of SNMP MIB support, including supporting the basic Host Resource MIBs and a new REST service for enabling and configuring the SNMP agent
  • Adding TruePlot® to the ASA module for all turn-based metrics, such as user response time, server response time, round trip time and summary TCP connections. TruePlot displays all values to highlights outliers, anomalies and trends.
  • 6 new aggregated views of IPv6 traffic at 3 subnet granularities (/48, /56, and /64) in Packet Analyzer Plus
  • One-step download of packets for all objects in individual web pages stitched and analyzed by WTA
  • Enhanced search for individual IP addresses and URLs. New search scope searches through ASA, WTA, DBA and UCA performance data, e.g., group names. Includes one-click launch into Favorites or Insights from search results.
  • Ability to compare time charts, bar charts and table data to results from yesterday, 1 week ago or 4 weeks ago


There were also enhancements to the number of apps automatically supported (now 1700+), support for Unique IP and User counts, the ability to filter DBA rules, encrypted delivery of email notification to SMTP servers, several report scheduling and policy improvements, and UPD over Fragmented IP.


Leave a question here or check out the new release video or updated data sheet  and spec sheet.