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NetIM Live Update Server is stuck in the "starting" phase

David Lewis

I am transitioning from NetCollector to NetIM (being installed on the same server) and currently having issues with some services starting after installing NetIM.


The installation went relatively smooth, however not all of the processes are starting. It looks like "Riverbed NetIM Live Update Server" is stuck in the "starting" phase. The only services that are currently running in Web Service, Common Services, Bootstrap Services.


I have stopped and started all services and rebooted the server to no avail.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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    Golan Shem-Tov

    Hi David,


    Did you install a license? All services will not start until a license is successfully installed.  With minimal service started, the user can log into the webUI, add the licenses, and start services.

    If this is still not solving the problem please contact support asap.


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    Rafal Lewkowicz

    Hi David,


    In previous versions of NetIM there was a timeout set up for each service to start.

    Sometimes it took more time than configured and they failed to start.

    It should have been resolved in 1.3 version of NetIM.


    You can check statuses from "Services" tab of Windows or you can use CLI command from NetIM home:

    app.bat /svc_cmd status all


    You can start each service manually, but it's necessary to do it in correct order (you can check it in Service dependencies):

    1. Web Service

    2. Bootstrap Service

    3. Common Services

    4. Live Update Server

    5. Adapter Server

    6. Network Model Database Server

    7. Operational Data Collection Service

    8. Auxiliary Services


    If you want to start/stop them manually, you can do that with command (remember to open CMD as Administrator!):

    app.bat /svc_cmd start/stop <service>


    <service> = ^<ALL^|ALL_NO_WS^|BS^|CS^|NMDBS^|LUS^|ADAPTERS^|ODCS^|AUX^|WS^>



    app.bat /svc_cmd start WS


    this command is going to start web service only.