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AppResponse 11 reports

Stefanos Anastasiou

How could we extract response times for a given hostgroup (or connections , errors etc..) from ARX11 using steelscript? Are there any capabilities like in ARX9 (e.g restful web services) ?

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    Wenxuan Guo

    Hi Stefanos,


    Based on the tutorial, you can use column name 'host_group.id' or 'host_group.name' as key column, and 'avg_dns.response_time' or 'avg_fix.srv_response_time' or 'avg_icmp.echo.response_time' or other response time related columns as value column, to extract the response time that you are interested in. To see the full list of supported columns, you can execute 'steel appresponse columns $hostname -u $username -p $password' in your shell where steelscript-appresponse is installed.


    You can also extract response time for a given hostgroup using steelscript-netprofiler if you have steelcentral netprofiler monitoring your network.


    Currently steelscript does not support ARX9 metrics.