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EX760H-no way to force reboot-stuck in CLI-upgrade gone bad

Josefina Mendez

I've performed an upgrade for several EX760 but for some reason one of them got stuck, the rest are ok.

-We get the http page, once you put the credentials you get stuck in that page.

-We try accessing with ssh and we get directly to CLI> and it does not allow us to do anything more.

-We try to force reboot from CLI> with no luck at all.


Is there any solution to regain the equipment control?





Found something related with the issue but work around is not possible because I can't delete files to empty the disk.


The following messages are displayed when logging onto the CLI of a SteelHead: Management back end unavailable. Continuing with reduced functionality. Error writing /var/home/root/.cli_history (No space left on device). This error occurs when the /var directory is full on the SteelHead. Another symptom is that the web UI and CLI management could become unresponsive.


When this happens you can delete unnecessary files to regain disk space. Delete any unneeded process dumps, system dumps, or tcpdump captures.  Check if there are any messages files that are consuming large amounts of disk space; if so, set logging to at least NOTICE.

It may help to reboot the appliance in case a process is running that consumes disk space as quickly as you free it, although this is unlikely. WebUI and CLI should be available when /var occupation drops from 100%.


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    Josefina Mendez

    It seems the issue is this:


    1. 5.9.5. Upgrade failed, CLI doesn't become available anymore

    If for a certain reason the upgrade was successful and the Steelhead appliance comes back but doesn't allow CLI or GUI access: This means that a back out of the upgrade cannot be performed.

    The way out of this would be to hook up a serial console to the Steelhead appliance and reboot the device. After the BIOS, the Grub bootloader will show up with the text Press any key to continue.... After pressing a key, the two boot partitions are displayed. Use the v and the ^ to select the pre-upgrade boot image and press enter. After the downgrade, access to the Steelhead appliance should be available again and the Riverbed TAC should be involved to determine why after the upgrade the connectivity failed.

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    Josefina Mendez

    made a downgrade and worked, but ex is not working, if I turn it up the Steelhead gets stuck again.