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How to make a custom NetCollector Report

David Lewis

I was hoping to get some advice/education on how to create a custom report in NetCollector. I am attempting to report Average RTT between sites. This is being collected using Juniper RPM (the equivalent of Cisco's IP SLA). I am able to see the metrics in NetCollector in the device view, however I need to create a report to publish this information. Here are the columns I need in the report:


Timestamp, Test Index, Test Name, Test Type, Target Address, Source Address, % of successful packets, Avg RTT, min RTT, max RTT.



Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • Re: How to make a custom NetCollector Report
    Hemant Seth



    Although NetCollector reports are customizable to some extent, I don't think we offer IPSLA or Juniper RPM metrics under NetCollector reports. Your best bet would be to use NetPlanner capacity reports which are customizable and support IPSLA and Juniper RPM data. The other option would be to view this data in Portal and create a report for that dashboard. In either case your options to customize are limited.