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Manage Steelhead From Inpath Interface

Simon Leigh

Hi all.


We have several Steelheads that have had thier primary interfaces disconnected due to needing to free up ports on the switch.


i notice that the device can be managed from the inpath.


How do I set this up?

i have tried entering an ip adddress of a subnet that exists on the router but cant ping the new ip i have put in which i. We use this range for other interfaces on the router.


Thanks for helping a total noob with this..



  • Re: Manage Steelhead From Inpath Interface
    Leigh Finch

    Hi Simon,

    Management via the inpath interface is enabled by default. Note that there are several caveats to not having the primary interface connected including but not limited to:

    1. Domain integration
    2. CIFs Prepopulation
    3. Fixed Target Rules


    I would start by establishing if the local router can ping the inpath interface. If not I would check ARP entries, and Mac address Tables.


    HTH Leigh