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will there be a layer2/3 map?

Ronny Klockare


will there be a true layer2/3 map functionally in NetIM?  With links between connected devices with proper label for each connected port? Like the one  in Sentinel with VNE? Today's topology is based on sites and I miss that granularity in the map.

also I would like links between devices in the topology to change color if an error occur. NetIM changes the color on the device in the map not on witch link.
Ok I can run a report to figure it out but that feels like cutting matches with an axe!



Anyway the product seems promising and maybe I'm just uncomfortable ;-)

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    Hemant Seth



    1. Yes, I agree that NetIM topology may not have the same type of details as NetAuditor/NetMapper maps; reason for that is they both target different use cases today. However, we do provide details about link, interface, device, etc. in NetIM topology. This is available on the side bar. When you click a link or a device in the NetIM topology you get applicable details in the side bar. We do have plans to continue to add more details in the NetIM Topology views to make it more granular and also migrate NetAuditor functionality into NetIM platform. Please reach out to NPCM PM team to discuss the roadmap in more details


    2. re color change on link, we do support that today. I am not sure why you think only the devices change color in topology. Even links will change color depending on the interface state on either side of the link. You can then jump to the interface view to see the metrics that degrading the state. We do have plans to continue to make more refinements in this area as well to make it more intuitive and granular.