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Back-hauled SaaS optimization?

Renato Pérez

Hi, I have a doubt:


If many branch offices have Internet access through a main office (Back-hauled internet deployment) and I'd like to implement SaaS optimization for users within that branches: is it mandatory to deploy a SteelHead appliance in every branch? Or is it enough to have just one SteelHead in the main office that faces to the Internet?


I ask this because according to the SaaS User Guide, the deployment (picture attached) seems to use necessarily the ESH and a DCSH for optimization to occur, but I'm not sure if the previously mentioned scenarios can be possible.



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    Kshitij S

    In which segment you want to get the benefit of SaaS optimization. The answer will depend on your choice.

    Direct - ESH-ACSH for every branch  OR Back-hauled - DCSH-ACSH  with  (ESH + DCSH optimization as a plus .for  all branches )  . SaaS optimization benefits will occur in cloud segment in either case. Normal optimization gain will occur between 2 SH's (Branch to DC or Branch to Branch)