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creating templates for "favorite table" in ARX

Balasubramaniam Narayanamoorthy

Can we build templates for favorite tables instead of having to save them as .NPP files?

  • Re: creating templates for "favorite table" in ARX
    Nicolas Leszczynski


    You cannot create favorite table templates in AppResponse version 9 and below.


    What you can do is indeed have projects with the tables you want saved in it as you are describing.


    Alternatively you can create a custom insight that represents a favorite table with the columns that you want.

    If you haven't created insights before look at the documentation to launch the Insight Developpment Kit, you can select graphical elements: a "favorite table" here:


    Configure the table by double clicking in it and choose the columns you want




    Then add it to the insight layout:




    Test the layout to adjust the size. Save it to you local insight directory ( specified in the preferences ) or upload it to the appliance and you will have an insight "table" the way you want:






    That way you do not have to re-open a different project just for that custom table.


    Also keep in mind in AppResponse 11 you can save your customized favorite tables.