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Connection History report - Cause of 'Forwarded Connections'

Ken Vance



We have a customer with two DCs, each with an in-path serial cluster in active/backup with datastore warming.

In the Connection History reports on both we see by far the highest values are forwarded connections.

From the guides, these 'forwarded' connections are defined as:

'Displays the total number of connections forwarded by the connection-forwarding neighbor managing the connection.'


Now we have connection-forwarding enabled between the DC Steelheads but the CF report itself shows practically nothing.

Can anyone tell me where to find other information on these forwarded connections and maybe an indication as to the cause?


ie: source/destination or even direction the connection is forwarded (ie: into DC or out of DC) for example?


Could it include connections forwarded/proxied to (for example) an email cluster or connections to a web proxy which cannot be optimised for example?


We have significant optimisation occurring so I'm a bit puzzled as to the cause.




Ken Vance

  • Re: Connection History report - Cause of 'Forwarded Connections'
    Kshitij S

    Why you need CF in serial in path , generally it's deployed for parallel setup with 2 links so that any asymmetry occurring in the network can be dealt. You are just using both as hardware redundant devices in a series and assuming they are on same link they would never see asymmetry. Correct me if I am wrong or missing something ?

    Generally you should see active connections on Master SH in current connection report.