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Andy McDiarmid


Hopefully you folks will be able to assist me. I have limited knowledge/experience of Riverbed, (although I have used OPNET previously for two basic Uni Assignments a few years ago).


I am now looking to use Riverbed for my MSc Project which centres on a DMVPN (Hub-and-Spoke topology) with IPsec. I have looked at implementing this via the CLI feature in Modeler (17.5 A PL7 (Build 13311) which I have installed), but the CLI will not accept the DMVPN commands, let alone anything to do with IPsec.


So, I tried to find the VPN demand Module that was once available in OPNET, but this has been removed from Riverbed. With that in mind, here are my questions:


A) Do the latter versions of Modeler (18.*) have the VPN demand Module re-instated?

B) If not, can someone advise as to how I would implement DMVPN with IPsec?


Trying to find anything by way of Release Notes and documentation on here is not overly easy, hence the necessity to ask around here. May I thank you all in advance for any "light" that you may be able to "shed" on my predicament.