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Backing up all appliances

Nathan Kingsbury


I have recently acquired a network using Steel Central Controller and 11 SteelHeads (2x CX5070M, 7x CX3070M, 2x CX770L) all running 9.1.0b. I have found that the backups are not working properly. I am wondering if there is a way to backup each appliance from a single location. I have found the option to run the external backups via the controller, but I can not seem to figure out if that is backing all attached appliances or just the controller itself. I am assuming its only backing up the controller. Maintenance mode seems to be giving errors about the disks being full.

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    Robert Falconer

    Is the default Steelcentral backup failing or some other backup method?


    Steelcentral automatically backs-up each device it manages. The daily backups are kept for 30 days, with a monthly kept for longer retention.

    In Manage-Operations-Backup/Restore, select the pulldown menu for 'Source Appliance'.  All available snapshots for that appliance will be shown in the 'Restore Operation' section. If you want to view the config contained in that snapshot, just expand the > and you can view the contents.

    If you back up the controller to an external location, you can choose if it's just the SCC or appliances or both.