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Link utilization monitoring

ramesh yadav

How to monitor Link utilization of bandwidth in Appresponse 9.6 

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    Marc Ribet

    You can try to create a logical link using a BG (Business Group). You will need to know all IP addresses used on one direction (easy if the goal is to monitor a remote office WAN link). Once the BG has been defined, you can set the max throughput for the "link" from the BG manager. From the doc:


    The Utilization Bandwidth tab has fields that specify utilization bandwidths for the group. The primary use case for this feature is to monitor utilization at remote offices with limited bandwidths. For example, you can create Static-Any alerts or SLA Dashboards that show violations when utilization for a Business Group exceeds a certain threshold such as 95%. The bandwidth is the speed of the WAN link used by the remote office.

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      Michael Hise

      One thing to be aware of, there is a bug in 9.6 and earlier that causes utilization percentages to be calculated incorrectly for asymmetrical links.  The bug is that for calculation of utilization, the lowest bandwidth direction is always used in the calculation of percent utilization.  So for example you have a link that is 10M inbound and 1M outbound and it is currently running at 5M inbound then you will see inbound utilization calculated to be 500% when it is actually just 50%.