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Flexible QOS not applied?

John Ewbank

On one of our branch sites we've got a SteelHead EX unit with a VMWare hypervisor installed on it. Data stored by the hypervisor is sent back to the core. To not completely fill our WAN links during the day time a QOS is setup.


Application or Application group: SteelHeadCommitTraffic

QOS Class: BestEffort

Outbound DSCP: Preserved


Which basically is all traffic where the remote port is 7951


In the evening when everybody has left we run a scheduled job:


qos profile Default class-params class BestEffort max-bw 90

write mem



In the morning we run another command to revert back to 20% bandwidth max. We are running the same type of setup in other locations and it seems to be working correctly at those sites, however this site does not seem to be responding to the QOS changes. (inbound BW and outbound BW are set correctly in QOS)


We are however not seeing a bandwidth increase, the amount of traffic (kbytes/sec) remains more or less the same.


What could be causing this?