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SCC - Insufficient Information to manage appliance

Sven Hruza

Dear all,


I had an exchange of a Steelhead 250M with RiOS 8.5.3c.

The original device had a damage and we installed now a new one without any config except of the primary IP address to reach the device remotely.

Normally I can manage this new device with my SCC, restore the config, do a policy push and so on.


But on this device I get the error message on the SCC:


Insufficient Information to manage appliance


I checked the detailed state in the SCC and found, that SCC believes there is a big time offset between the Steelhead and the SCC.
That was true, around one hour offset, but after setting the right NTP server and have now the right time on the Steelhead it is still not working.


Any idea what I can do to manage this device?


Thank you!