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TypeError: rvbd.widgets[widgetModule] is undefined

Leigh Finch

Hi All,

I'm running the SteelScript 1.2 VM, and I'm trying to embed a widget into SteelCentral Portal. When I use the embed code I get a blank screen.


If I enter the URL within the code in my browser with developer mode turned on in my browser I get the following exception:

     TypeError: rvbd.widgets[widgetModule] is undefined[Learn More]  rvbd-report.js:507:13


The embed code is:

<iframe width="500" height="312" src="http://steelscript.lab.local/report/netshark/netshark_dns/widgets/dns-queries-and-response-time-over-time-1-1/render/?auth=914ba2d27ca24fd5b81425312f25a876" frameborder="0"></iframe>


Any help would be appreciated.