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¿Upgrade my SteelHead to RiOS 9.5?

Douglas Sepulveda


I need to know wich is the best way to upgrade my SteelHead appliances.

At the moment all my SteelHeads have the RiOS version 9.1.0a and I have been having trouble with QoS, caused by a system BUG.

When I report the case (A long time ago) the Riverbed TAC suggest:


Upgrade RiOS code to 9.1.3a and above which contain around 50/60 QOS fixes/improvements and many security fixes regarding NTP and SSL


My question is:

1.  Do I need to follow this TAC suggestion going to 9.1.3a because is the stablest version?

2.  Do I go directly to the 9.5 version, knowing that is a new version but it has new benefics like SD-WAN compatibility?


The process to upgrade the RiOS of the SteelHead is very tedious, so I need to do it right and only one time this year.



Douglas Sepúlveda