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Steelhead QoS Configuration for Outbound traffic only


Hello all,


We have been using Riverbed Steelhead for quite a while now, and I am looking for help to configure QoS which has never been used so far.

We're running 9.1.1a on multiple Branch office (around 20) and central Steelheads (around 6).

First, I am looking for a confirmation about this:


- Does QoS require Steelheads at both ends of the communication?


For example, we have a lot of VPNs to small businesses (I work for the hospitality industry). These VPNs are all bound to one central VPN Concentrator managed by our ISP. Can I run QoS on this environment without having Steelheads in the hotels, by configuring the Outbound QoS only on the Central Steelheads?


Thank you for your help