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Packet Ricochet Issue?

Kshitij S

Recently , I faced an issue in which tweaking the setting from Dest Only to All resolved the issue.

There was packet ricochet in the network and default gateway of SH was pointing towards HSRP VIP of L3 LAN switches.

There is a single steelhead , dual inpath and dual (switch and router) environment. Both the inpaths are in same VLAN and DG is HSRP VIP of L3 switch. No HSRP/VRRP in between routers. Both routers are connected to inpath0_0 and inpath0_1 of the Steelhead.
Source subnet / destination subnet are on different vlans than the inpath vlan.  There were 2 issues as below:


1.) A few users were unable to map a network drive hosted on a remote server.

2.) A specific application is not able to open. Other applications are working fine for these users.


Note: A fixed target rule is in place for the destination subnet on the Client SH.


My question is that " How changing the option from Destination Only to ALL resolved this issue ? And why not "Destination Only" setting was enough to contain packet ricochet.