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Simplified Routing




When traffic is initiated from LAN and goes through CSH, does it keep a copy of the MAC address so it knows that the end Device is out the LAN port?

Otherwise, potentially the SH would then need to send return the traffic to its DG which in turn would then route the packet back through the SH towards its destination. Is this the ricochet affect I read about?

Also, If I add  some static routes under my inpath, does the SH the ARP for the MAC address of the next hop? I am trying to figure out how the SH knows what Interface to put the traffic out of when I add a static route under Inpath (WAN or LAN).

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    Dustin Burke (Riverbed TAC - Senior EE)

    Simplified routing is solely based on L2 addressing. When configured, it basically takes precedence over the L3 routing coming into the steelhead. This is why most of the time we recommend it either be set to destination only, or none.


    If you add static routes on the steelhead that potentially could be the workaround. To answer your question, yes it keeps a copy of the mac address in its macmap table.