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Why do I see RB in-path IP when using oob full transparency?


Hello Everyone,


I am fairly new to Riverbed so be gentle if my question is completely noobish.


The company I work for has several remote sites each of them use a WPA, the configurations are quite simple in each one of them.


The problem we are facing is that we have the following line in each one of the WPA:


in-path peering oobtransparency mode "full"


In my understanding this is setting "full transparency" between the peers during a connection.


But when we check our Netflow Analyzer we get to see several IP conversations between RB from site A and RB from side B, we would like to have full transparency and always see the source IP and port from whichever site starts the session.


I am considering to set the global WAN visibility mode but I am not sure if this is the case.


I am attaching a sanitized version of my running config of one of the WPA.


Thank you in advance.