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modeler tutorials - CDMA/CD simulation result

Sung Hyun Park

Dear all,


Hi, I am a beginner of Riverbed moduler and I am using 18.6 version. I follow tutorials and I have two questions.


1. small internetworks

Using "tutorial_ref > basic > Sm_Int_ref" I cannot see any result (Load: 0 bit/s). One person gave me an opinion that he also ran the project, but he could get the result on version 16.1. However, he could not get the result using version 17.5 and 18.0. He advised that my problem is the same problem as I am using 18.6. Should I set any parameter to run "Sm_Int_ref" project on the version of 18.6?


2. CSMA/CD tutorial

I am not sure this is the same problem, but when I run "tutorial_ref > modeler > cct_ref.project > cct_ref", I cannot see any result (attached).


Any advise, opinions, and/or comments are very appreciated. Many thanks.