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SCC/CMC fetch config selected configuration page to enable after

Pascal Gillioz

Dear Community,


I am wondering if there is a way to either :


-fetch only a dedicated page e.g. web settings after they would have been replace locally,  which is quite easy, we have a script that can push the "web ssl cert generate" with specific parameter, we are looking to fetch only the cert and have the page enable after the fetch (not all pages as the include-fetched would do)


- second option I am looking from the SCC/CMC, a command that regenerate the web certificate with option for the device, not an issues if we have to use the SN on the cmd, I was dreaming they would have been a cmc appliante steelhead SN web ssl cert generate ....... with specific parameters and then we would have only to push them to the device with a standard policy push. Any idea, the goal is to regenerate all web ssl cert with new parameters and to store them on the CMC/SCC without having to go on the SCC to all individual device to either generate manualy the cert or re-enable the option pages.


Many thanks if there are any hidden to do this, we are currentely running the last SCC/CMC 9.2.1