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Riverbed QoS

Hemant Sharma



Could any tell since we are marking our traffic with qos and wan routers are doing qos enforcement. what should be the use case and benefit of enabling qos on riverbed device?




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    michel boulay



    It's important because as riverbed optimise traffic it can mask traffic to your routers if you use GRE encapsulation or correct adressing for exemple, so router QoS will not apply.

    Second point it's really easier to manage QoS on SH as you can apply it for groups of applications. I have 20 QoS rules for my whole network (130 sites and near 700 apps) and i should use less than this. So you can deploy QoS change in few clicks to your whole network.

    So just setup QoS transparancy based on DSCP tag on your routers to enforse QoS through your whole network I do this and it works fine. (warning if you use RIOS 9.2 because of a bug, wil lbe fixed in 9.2.1 next week with luck