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Only want to enable QOS markings for certain urls

Cathleen Cavanagh

My client's network already uses the CE routers to perform QOS marking and policing/shaping.  I'd like to enable the steelheads to start marking certain traffic for urls like apple.com.  NBAR on the routers hasn't been performing very well for this task, so I think the SHs may be able to provide this marking.


AFE and predefined applications may make it quite easy to configure what I need on the SHs.  I'm looking for some advice on the best approach to configure this marking on the SHs.  I only want the SH to mark traffic, no enforcement is needed.  All the traffic I'm targeting to mark is being optimized.


I've got 2 types of sites.


1. Large datacenters with ICs and SHs.  All traffic I'm looking to mark is redirected to the SHs to be optimized.

2. Smaller remote sites with SHs inpath between the CE and lan switches.


Any ideas?