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Voip traffic using 802.11n wifi

Paulius Paule

Hi, i would like to ask some help. I need to examine, how co-channel and adjacent channel interference affecting voip parameters (jitter, MOS value, end to end delay). Riverbed Modeler version 17.5 A PL 6.To do this i use a few BSS (wlan_server_adv with two or one client wlan_wkstn_adv) with diferent channel settings. Also in application definition and profile definition set voice apps i need. The main problem i experiencing is that if using just one wlan server and wlan workstation (case without interferrence) everything works well, i can see workstation voice application parameters diagrams in Object Statistics, BUT if i add additional stations or servers to implement interferrence, these graphs in Object Statistics doesnt show up, just empty grey space in preview window. Could someone tel me what im doing wrong, this is important for my bachelor thesis. Thank you for all suggestions.