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Is there a maximum time difference tolerance that will cause the client to give the error "Controller time and client time do not match"?

Stewart Mahiai

My SCCM's as well as SHA's are set to the GMT time zone and pulls NTP time from the NOC in Eastern zone.

SHM client software is distributed to the fleet across many different time zones. Client workstations pull timing from sources in their different regions. Some clients green up healthy and operates properly. Others on the other hand gives the 'Controller time and client time do not match' error.


I am curious if there is a tolerance for the time difference between the controller and the client that will prompt the error.
If so, what is that tolerance?


For example, if I have two encryption devices in two different geographical locations and their clocks are off by more than 5 minutes, they will never establish a secured connection until they are both within the 5 minute tolerance.


Any advice is appreciated!