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Timestamp in the CSV export of the Connection History

George L

I am trying to find the most efficient way to determine what the peak optimized connections are in a given time frame.  Using the SCC I tried to export the connection history for a specific device to a CSV file.  I figured out that it breaks the connection counts into two groups, Total and Max.  The highest optimized  connection count within the MAX group is what I am looking for.  However, I am not able to make sense of the time stamp.  When looking at the connection history on the SCC I can pick up the time that the connection occurred as well as other information.  The timestamp in the CSV does not seem to match what I see when I look at the live report in a web browser.  I have attached examples of the exact time the connections peaked from both the SCC GUI and the CSV as well as the full CSV export. 


Can someone help me make sense of the timestamp in the CSV?


SCC Version 9.1.0e