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edge not connected after core run out of license


Hi all SteelFusion folk,

Can you please suggest a solution to the problem we are experiencing?
Our virtual Core run out of license and went to degraded state. The only Edge connected to the Core was degraded as well.

I thought that applying a new license will solve it.

Unfortunately the license could not be extended, so Riverbed gave us a new eval license token. When applying the new license, the serial number was changed.

The Edge is still degraded due to no connection to Core. The Core is also degraded with no connection to Edge.

We cannot remove Core (in order to re-add it) from the Edge, as the LUNs are still showing as Online.

We cannot off-line the LUNs from the Core, as is claims to have no connection to the Edge.

Any suggestion would be very welcome.

Thank you,