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How to use CLI to create SteelHead appliances in CMC/SCC

Steve Evans

I need to add about 60 SteelHeads to a 8.6.2c CMC  prior to those units being rolled out to the remote locations.  Since I have all of the info for every site, its seems like the CLI would be a great way to do this, but I cannot quite find the right CLI commands.  Has anyone done this?  I can create the appliance entry with its serial number, add polices, enable auto-config, and put it in a group.  The only thing I can't seem to do via the CLI is add the local pages to be pushed for the inpath interface IP addressing and the hostname.  Here are the commands I've found to work so far:


cmc appliance steelhead "JAAAA11111111"  comment "TEST" parent "Global" username "admin" password7 "U2FsdGVkX1+fyoedTAD/2b2ByqNsLnyJFC+918EeSdk="


cmc appliance steelhead JAAAA11111111 policy "SH250_2015-05-18"


cmc appliance steelhead JAAAA11111111 auto-config enable


I've tried the below commands to try to add the in-path interfaces and hostname on local appliance pages, but the changes do not show up in the CMC's web interface or in a show run:


cmc appliance steelhead "J46UT11111111" configuration interface inpath0_1 ip address /24


cmc appliance steelhead "JAAAA11111111" configuration ip in-path-gateway inpath0_0


cmc appliance steelhead "JAAAA11111111" configuration hostname TEST6-SH