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Anyone know the solution of this error?

Muhammad Rizwan

Dear All

Anyone know about this error?

<<< Warning >>>

Repository missing process model (wpan_synchro_process_v2_0)

T (0), EV (-), MOD (NONE), PROC (sim_load_repos_prmatch)



<<< Program Abort >>>

The set of models necessary for running the simulation is incomplete.

Check that all the 'repositories' attributes are complete.

T (0), EV (-), MOD (NONE), PROC (sim_load_repos_load)



If yes then please let me know how to fix it?


Muhammad Rizwan

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    Gerald Winter

    Could it be, that you posted this in the wrong product line ?

    I guess you are talking about Opnet Modeller and not about SteelFusion, right ?

    One comment I have found in a forum is:


    When the setup of your platform is not appropriate (means for example

    the link capacity is far bellow the requested traffic, for example),

    such these errors occurs. "



    Best regards,


  • Re: Anyone know the solution of this error?
    Paul Conway

    In the Modeling Concepts document, the section on Executing Simulations includes the following Note:


    Note-If your network model uses custom or customized process modules, you must disable the use of repositories before running the simulation.  Do this by editing the repositories preference to delete all repositories.


    I don't have the ZigBee(TM) model suite license, so I do not have any experience with the wpan models.  I assume the model referenced below is custom.  If not, are you sure you have access to the license?


    I took a look in the 17.5.A folder and could not find a wpan module.


    I hope this info helps.  Sorry it comes so late in your project...