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Steelscript Application Framework postgresql initialization



I am trying to run Steelscript Apllication Framework with a postgresql backend.


I encounter the following error message when I followed the official documentation tips concerning the database initialization:


documentation: https://support.riverbed.com/apis/steelscript/appfwk/configuration.html#setting-up-the-database


(venv_prod)$ python manage.py reset_appfwk -v 3 --force

Processing model: PortalUser

OperationalError: FATAL:  database "steelscript_db" does not exist

Saving existing users ...

After creating the database :


(venv_prod)$ python manage.py reset_appfwk -v 3 --force

Processing model: PortalUser

Saving existing users ... done.

Processing model: WidgetAuthToken

Saving existing tokens ... done.

ProgrammingError: database "steelscript_db" already exists


But this command seems to work:


python manage.py reload

What is the process to initialize the postgres database ?


Thanks for your help,