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Video Streaming Documentation

Loren Garavaglia

I've currently got a project set up to simulate a security camera network, it utilizes the ma_wlan_station_adv models to simulate the security cameras and the ma_wlan_server_adv model as my destination server.  I'm trying to figure out how to modify the security camera nodes so that I can stream video data to the server, but I've been having some trouble finding any documentation related to this topic. Could anyone point me any tutorials or documentation that describes how to stream video data to my server.

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    ishan kapoor

    In case you haven't figure out already, the best way to start is to base your first cut upon an existing example project (almost always). It will save you time and get you almost 98% the functionality. Just a rough example, consider the WLAN example project's NY_hot_spot scenario. The ISP subnet there has Application Profiles defined, you may choose one of the application profiles (or create a new one yourself) and add a video streaming application.