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Bulk Site Migration using CSV

Bodo Koch


I´m trying to migrate appliances to sites on SCC with help of the "Bulk migration using a CSV template" tool.

I downloaded the CSV template and open it in Excel. Then I do step 1 and 2 and insert site and associate appliances to sites.

Here are the CSV template:



# Site Types and Site Regions that don't exist will be created during import.
# Existing Types, Regions and Templates listed below:
# Site Types,# Site Regions,# Site Connectivity Templates
# Branch,DE,
# Data Center,,
# Headquarters,,
# Step 1: Define your Sites ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Object Type (i.e. site),Site Name*,Site Type*,Site Region*,Subnets * (comma separated),Connectivity Template,Uplink1 Gateway,Uplink2 Gateway,Uplink3 Gateway,Uplink4 Gateway,Uplink5 Gateway,Uplink6 Gateway,Uplink7 Gateway,Uplink8 Gateway,Internet Traffic,Description,Contact Name,Job Title,Email,Phone,Street,City,Postal,Country
# site,ExampleSite,Branch,North America,","
# Mandatory columns are marked with *
# Uplink Gateway fields are ignored unless a connectivity template is specified. If one is specified, then Uplink Gateway is required
# Internet Traffic can be either Direct-to-Net or backhauled through a site. Specify a site to backhaul through or leave blank for Direct-to-Net.
# End Step 1 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Step 2: Associate Appliances with Sites --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Object Type (i.e. appliance),Serial Number*,Hostname,IP Address,Site Name*
# Mandatory columns are marked with *
# End Step 2 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Existing Sites:
# Dietzenbach HQ
# Hamburg





After Upload the new CSV I got following error message:


     Error encountered while reading the CSV: list index out of range



Any ideas?



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    Can you upload the actual CSV?  That would be a lot easier to check out.


    Some things to keep in mind when doing the CSV.


    1. Add Site Type and Site Regions to GUI before doing CSV import. No need to have them in CSV as it will cause an error.  This is a known issue.


    2. Site names should follow REGEX of ^[a-zA-Z0-9-][a-zA-Z0-9_-]*$|^[a-zA-Z0-9_-][a-zA-Z0-9 _-]+[a-zA-Z0-9_-]$


    3. Make sure your CIDRs are correct in the subnet section. It will break with an error similar to "Error encountered while creating the site XYZ: Site creation is invalid".


    4. No more than 50 subnets allowed. Error will be "Error encountered while creating the site XYZ: Sites creation have exceeded the maximum number of 50 subnets" .


    5. Keep site names under 30 characters. Error will be "Error encountered while creating the site REALLY REALLY LONG NAME XYZ: ('unrestricted_name: input must be no more than 30 chars, got 31: REALLY REALLY LONG NAME XYZ', <jsonschema.String 'http://support.riverbed.com/apis/cmc.topology/1.0#/types/unrestricted_name'>)" . Also, no spaces per above REGEX rules.


    The main thing is you cannot edit the CSV and import again when the existing config is already present. You either need to export the existing config to a new CSV and make changes, or delete what was imported, make fixes to CSV, and import again.

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      Bodo Koch

      Hi Derek,

      thank´s for your response.

      I tried the things you suggested but didn´t help.

      Enclosed are are the Downloaded CSV an the modified CSV.

      After uploading the modified CSV, the message: Error encountered while reading the CSV: list index out of range

      comes again.


      Best regards,


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        Try getting rid of the DE under the #Site Regions section.  Also, removed the existing sites of Hamburg and Dietzenbach_HQ in the CMC before doing the import.  Other than that, I don't see anything that stands out.


        If that doesn't work, it would probably be best to open a support case.  It's easier to try this internally if we can also import the configuration db of the CMC.  Although, given you don't really have many appliances, it might just be easier to do it by hand.  You'll probably be done faster than waiting on support to try and reproduce it, let alone figure out what may be going on. 

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    Danny Mongrain

    Hello.  I experienced the same problem, tried to solve it and finally gave up.  I am currently creating my sites manually.  I'm fairly confident my CSV file is correct as I work with CSV import all the time on other products.

    Let me know how this turns out!