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SCC 9.x / RIOS 9.x QOS


I'm looking to understand how QOS is handled via the new SCC / RIOS 9.x.


1) If I use the SCC's default Any to Any site QOS profile and enable inbound and outbound push for all SHs, will the rules simply be applied for both inbound and outbound traffic at all sites?


2) Assuming question #1 is true: If I was looking to create a custom application based on source / dest addresses, I would need to create two rules in the default Any to Any policy to identify the traffic in both directions?

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    Peter Haluska



    The statement #1 is true.


    Re #2, according to the documentation you would still have to create two custom applications (with swapped local/remote subnets). However, I have spoken to an internal resource working on QoS part of sw who confirmed it shouldn't be necessary anymore so one app definition will match traffic in both directions (which is indeed very logical). I haven't tested it yet, though...


    Hope that helps,


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      Thank you for the info.  I've been unable to prove how QOS performs because QOS reporting on our test unit running 9.0.1 seems to be quite inaccurate and nothing is lining up.  I know I have large amounts of data passing through the device yet minimal amounts are being reported.