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1) RiOS datastore size; 2) ESXi install as Thin

mark heuzenroeder

Hi All,


I'm new to Riverbed.


1) The VCX_255_H I installed on ESXi uses 88GB due to Thick Provisioning. It boots OK. How can I reduce it's RiOS datastore size size so it does not consume so much os the ESXi datastore? I'm only experimenting so the RiOS datastore does not need to be that big.


2) The installation instructions for VCX_255_H on ESXi say to use Thick Provisioning. Given than I'm just experimenting is Thin Provisioning acceptable? What are the consequences as far as Steelhead funtion to use Thin instead of Thick?


3) What is the difference between these 2 images I got when I applied for Virtual Steelhead Trial,




Thanks for any help.