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Can't access RSP 8.5.0 console

rmarx .




I'm experiencing troubles with RSP 8.5.0 console. When I try to access it on browser, the console isn't shown. Web access window appears, but no console. I put steelhead IP on IE trusted sites, disabled firewall and antivirus... nothing. So, I installed vmware remote console plugin manually by:  https://xx.xx.xx.xx:8333/ui/plugin/vmware-vmrc-win32-x86.exe and later I tryed again.... No way...


So, I installed vmware client 2.5 (the hard way) and I pointed it to steelhead IP and port 8333. I was able to log in and see VMS. But when I click on VM console, nothing appears.... only a blank screen.


Please help me

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    If want to run VMRC directly, try:


    "c:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\VMware\VMware VMRC Plug-in\Internet Explorer\vmware-vmrc.exe" -h Steelhead:8333 "[standard] 1/rsp.vmx"


    You would replace "1" with the slot name/number of your VM.


    You should be prompted to login and then see the console if everything is working.


    I assume the VM is running.  Is it new?  If not, can you RDP to it?


    If things are in a weird state, I'd suggest disabling the slot, and then restarting the RSP service.  Start the slot again and try to connect.


    If that doesn't work then you'll probably want to open support case.