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SMC Policy for non-SH offices

LloydsRegister .

Hi All,


I'm looking for a bit of guidance on an issue. Currently we deploy SMC client to all machines, and have configured the policy to optimise on the Juniper VPN virtual nic when the user connects from home. When they are in the office, they will be behind a client-side SH and therefore the SMC client will not optimise on their LAN nic which is Intel.


Now we have some small offices which do not require a client-side SH and we are looking for a way to get them to use SMC client instead. Is there any way we can setup a rule so that users from this office optimise whilst they are on that LAN (with nearest peer), but only from that subnet, and to continue to optimise on the Juniper VPN virtual nic when they go home and connect to the network?


In our lab we have tried an auto rule so far but found that it didnt work on Intel adapter


In-path rule

Auto/x.x.x.x/x    All Adapters licenced

Auto/x.x.x.x/x     Intel            not licenced