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Installation of Steelscript on VMWare

George Berkeley

I know that steelscript can be loaded on a box with a OS like MAC/Windows and then virtualbox, but is there a method to install it as a VMware OS? We have Vmware running and would like to install it as its own VM, rather than installing a resident VM OS like linux and then installing steelscript on top of that.

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    Mike Garabedian

    Hi George,


    We have a project called "steelscript-vm-config" which provides the means to install and setup your own VM image using Vagrant and Virtualbox.  This is the SteelScript version of the previous FlyScript VM config.  The project is hosted on github here:  https://github.com/riverbed/steelscript-vm-config


    Once you create a virtual machine, migrating from VirtualBox to a VMWare compatible image that you can directly import (OVF or OVA) can be done in one of two ways:


    1.  Export the image from Virtualbox to an OVF file, then fix any configuration errors.  This export includes extra XML which VMWare doesn't handle well.  There are several resources on the internet which provide detailed guides on how to make this conversion, for example this one: http://tad-do.net/2012/01/30/converting-virtualbox-to-vmware-esxi/


    Rossel Vermette also documented how he made the conversion with the previous FlyScript configuration in this Splash Comment: FlyScript Portal (version 0.2.2)


    2.  Find the .vmdk files from the VirtualBox machine, and manually create a new VMWare VM and import the vmdk disk image.  This is less documented, but has appeared as another option from some searches as well.